Meenmutty waterfall

Kallar River is the creative force behind a couple of waterfalls. If you are ready to trek a few kms through the forest, Meenumutty (also Meenmutti) is the first in line to enjoy. The place to arrive is the Ecotourism office at Kallar, between Vithura and Ponmudi. The waterfall is part of the forest. They issue passes and arrange guides to take you to the waterfalls.  


Strewn with large boulders, Kallar river bed adds to the wild beauty of the forest. Meenmutty is a multi tiered cascade, spectacular and serene.

During rains, the waterfall pools are too dangerous to access. No need to miss out the much anticipated water pool experience since there is a bathing spot (bathing Ghat) at the start of the trek trail.

Distances: Trivandrum – 46 kms   Vithura – 9 kms

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