Attractions / July 11, 2023

Anayirangal dam(Elephant Abode Boating Centre)

Anayirangal area is enriched with so many attractions. The journey through the beautiful tea gardens at Lockhart estate and the rock roads at Gap gives immense pleasure to your eyes. There are tea estates on either side of the road, one side beautiful valley with tea estates in different levels and the other side is hill with tea estates. There you have to go through nice thick forest on both sides of the road. You see trees with huge trunks on both sides of the road. The name Anayirankal - anay means elephant, irankal means -coming down, in general terms. That means “elephants coming down place”. The name has come like that because elephants come down in to that spot, lake, from the forests adjoining the lake.Anayirankal dam one of the largest earthen dams built in the 1960s is located 28 km from Munnar. A boat ride on the splendid reservoir is an unforgettable experience that no visitor should miss. Near the town of Munnar is Chinnakanal and the waterfalls here, popularly known as Power House Waterfalls, cascade down a steep rock 2000 m above sea level. The spot is enriched with the scenic view of the Western Ghat ranges.A trip on the splendid reservoir is an unforgettable experience. The Anayirangal dam is surrounded by tea plantations and evergreen forests.

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